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Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author Program

We Guarantee Amazon #1 International Best Seller Status!

Amazon sells over 487 million ebooks through Kindle every year.

Become a bestselling author (only 1% of the population has achieved this)!

Imagine the Possibilities and Prestige of Becoming a Best-Selling Author!

Mary Gardner and her team lead by long time Publicist Shelley are both international best selling Authors and publicists, is 3x #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Book Launch Experts, and a publicists.

They love helping entrepeneurs, professors, coaches, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs become the authority and expert in their industry, get visibility, gain credibility, receive new media appearances and speaking opportunities, attract their ideal clients, and increase their income by writing a book and becoming a BEST SELLING AUTHOR!

They start by helping aspiring authors and entrepreneurs discover the book within and start writing the story. They help the authors discover the story-line the discovery process, and helps the author bring the
virtual or in person workshops to a completely edited ready-to-print best-selling manuscript.

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, don’t pass up one their virtual workshops. You will learn everything you need to know about getting started with your story.

"I will never forget the day my Quotes and passed Oprah Winfrey

and Dale Carneigeiand took the #1 International Best-Selling Spot!"


"Being a best sellling author is an accomplishment that no one can take away from me..

or my clients! It's a feather in anyone's cap!"


I Help Authors Get More Prestige by Becoming an Amazon Best Selling Author!

And Getting the Sought-After Gold Seal

We create all the content to advertise your book in all digital formats and

then walks your book to best-selling status

Whether you’re a writer, consultant, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, executive, or information marketer, you can get your book on Amazon’s top 10 best-seller list, and even #1 International Best-Seller this year.

We Will Help You Complete and Edit Your Book and Launch Your Book to Bestseller Status, Give You Credibility as an Expert so You Can Attract New Clients and Make More Money


We set a launch date. Our team will be working hard sending out mass emails, creating content, sending content to our literary base, writing Press Releases, and distributing to all major news organizations. The process takes approximately 6-7 weeks of marketing and content leading up to your launch date.

Upon securing your spot in our program we will send you a timeline and your next steps. Schedule video interviews for worldwide distribution, and more!

You will need to have your ISBN number, book cover completed, ready to get on with interviews.

We do not need your edited manuscript for 3 weeks. We will take your edited manuscript and help you put it on Amazon. We will walk the author through doing this in their Amazon KDP account. If you do not have a KDT Author Central and KDP account we will help you set that up.

We build the secret sauce branding package for social media campaigns and your email campaigns during your launch window.

We provide text, posts, copy, blog posts, tweets etc. and we create THE BIGGEST BUZ in the world. We know what it takes to get a Kindle Gold Seal.

This is an organized and professional book launch program. As an example, picture how new movies are promoted and launched. We will launch your book the same way. Everyone will start seeing trailers, commercials, and promotions all over the place. Part of the successful launch is to have a high-quality book, with a great cover, an amazing book description, a professionally edited and formatted manuscript, and selecting the right keywords and categories on Amazon.

Author testimonials.

Look at what our authors are saying!

We handle everything and walk your book through the process to an Amazon #1 Best-Seller!

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