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There’s nothing more important in book marketing than mass media visibility and a robust social media strategy.

Readers are on the constant search for good literature; keep them engaged with your books by staying on the cutting edge of technology with digital marketing, blogs, audiobooks, sample readings, videos, posts, comments, and tagging niche audiences. Good social media marketing will amplify all your marketing efforts. In addition, it takes much effort to find an experienced marketing person and publicist to handle this. Our goal and strategy is to make your book highly visible. Get published on Google News, AP News, over 100+ NBC, FOX, ABC & CBS affiliate sites and more

Target specific countries and industry verticals.

Get into the most important news databases and news wires

Reach journalists and media influencers.

Attain long-term visibility in search engines & SEO benefits.Stop storing dust-covered cases of books in your garage and start selling. Now is the time to profit from book sales.

Read my author’s letter below.

Dear Author,

First, congratulations! I know what an enormous amount of dedication writing a book can take. Whether your book lands on a best seller list or on retailers’ shelves, or not, please know that I understand and commend you for the effort, care and creativity it takes to bring a book to print.

Now you must decide how you will market and promote your book.

I offer boutique personalized services to independent authors. My specialized PR and publicity services are for the seasoned, published author, or an aspiring author. I am your source for book marketing.

The truth is that no one will buy your book if they do not know about it. Unless you have a million followers or are famous, it’s up to you to invest in the promotion of your work of art and make money by selling your books.

As part of my package, you are guaranteed to have your Press Release/Article published on over 100 authority news sites across our network, with guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.

Some of these websites get over 10 million visitors per month. This makesmy PR/Publicist services the best way to gain visibility, gain hundreds of back links to your website (for SEO), and earn massive trust with your customers. Included in the package is a private coaching session to show you how to continue to garner free media, I am your source for book marketing.

Gurantee? Yes. Guarantee. For proof of being featured, you’ll receive a PDF report of all live eliminate the words to your article.

Read below to see what’s included in this unique one-of-a-kind package tailored for authors just like you.

Why Hire Mary Gardner's Team as Your Book Publicist?

Shelley is a 3-time #1 International Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host, and Podcaster, and has secured a spot as a frequent guest Mary's Partner Shelly on FOX News “Tech Talk” on the Morning Show on FOX 35 Orlando as the Social Media Expert Strategist.

We are publishers and and have published over 30+ Authors, each one becoming #1 International Best-Seller Status.

Our clients are large banks, real estate firms, authors, speakers and coaches. Can leave in financial .... and more!

We have secured national publicity eliminate the words digital marketing for large national banks, real estate brokers, financial officers, and more!

We have secured national commercials spots on the topic of social media safety for families with Ivanhoe Media, releasing commercials to National news outlets reaching 80 million households nationwide. Mary and Shelley have been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX News.

We help businesse owners achieve business growth and propell their professional visibility and recognition with the publication of their own book using her unique savvy media skills and contacts. We also help businesses owners leverage their name and brand with proven successful publishing, marketing, PR and media relations services.

Mary's team handles all the content creation, editing, and digital content creation for publicizing your book, and then walks you and your book to best-selling status. They also handle all of the content creation, marketing and publicity services for authors. Contact Mary Gardner about publishing, marketing and publicity services for authors. Services include Marketing services; Public Relations; Business consulting and management services in the book publishing and publicity industry.

Author’s Visibility Book Publicist Package

GOAL: Use Media Contacts and Build Targeted Lists of Media Database

We want people to say:

I saw you on the air!I heard you on the radio!

I read a major online story that included your commentary!

And what comes next?


Our PR services build your reputation leading to new opportunities for you.

You can use the highly "As Seen On" logos at the

top of your website, and do it with integrity!

What's in the Package

Press Releases – We will craft 2 Press Releases per month for distribution to our news media, local media outlets, and our online major blog sites, and journalists. Your Press Release will be written by our expert copywriters.

Our Press Releases are distributed to the top paid PR platforms. All press release packages include access to detailed distribution

reports that enable you to track your press releases in search engines, social media sites and partner press release services.

We are actively seeking and booking PR opportunities for our clients (authors, new book authors, experts, speakers, and consultants) in high-impact, brand-building media opportunities. Getting your name out there again helps you refresh your credibility, influence, and clout.

Video Interviews

We will conduct one video interview each month for distribution on Press Releases that include media links. We will put these on your YouTube channel for media viewing and exposure. We will also push this content to our large network. Interviews will be filmed, produced, edited, and distributed. We will release these video to news retention sites to keep your clip for use on National news segments.

We will submit your story to Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.

The country’s largest independent news-gathering organization covering medical breakthroughs, family health, parenting research, and issues important to women. The information we provide is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.


We will use your articles and Press Releases and upload them to your website or blog for SEO and hosting.

Building Your Infrastructure – We will build your Author’s brand including an Amazon Central Author’s webpage, set up your social media platforms for the distribution of content, position your presence on Good Reads, and other author platforms.

We create your content, images, posts, blogs, videos, book trailer, excerpts by audio (audiograms), and other media for content distribution across social media channels. This package includes posting to all your social media channels.

Significantly boost your visibility and credibility as an author.

Our comprehensive media exposure package guarantees that your press release or article will be published on more than 200 authority news sites, including major networks and search engines. Here are the key features of this package: Guaranteed article publishing on over 200 media outlets, including AP newswire and affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.

Professional writing services up to 700 words included.

* Inclusion of up to four live links to direct traffic to your preferred sites.

* One embedded video to enhance engagement and visibility.

* One image (headshot) include

* Indexing on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask.

* Detailed live link distribution reports to track the reach and impact of your press release or article.

* Graphic: As Featured In with your headshot included.

Let’s take your media presence to the next level and ensure your work gets the attention it deserves.

Proof of Publish Guaranteed with live link PDF reporting to go directly to the live link.

Detailed Distribution Reports.

For proof of being featured, you’ll receive a PDF report of all live URLs to your article. Some of these websites get over 10 million visitors per month. This makes getting published on our network a great way to improve your brand visibility, gain hundreds of back links to your website (for SEO), and earn massive trust with your customers.

Social Media – Leveraging all aspects of social media, we promote your book to social media influencers and followers. We market all created content to your social media channels and build your following. Your content creation includes images, videos, audio clips, and more.

We get your book directly in front of the buying public and do not let it sit on Amazon lacking sales which can get your book delisted. We promote your book daily on all of your platforms:












Weekly content to your blog

How does this work? We connect as the manager of your accounts and start creating all content and distributing to your channels daily.

Creative Packaging, Corporate Gifting – Our team will create creative packaging for larger product sales instead of selling individual books. We are creative in developing product packages for groups. We create bundle products for special audiences and corporate gifting.

We will reach out to the corporate space to generate corporate book sales. This include a branded virtual tour of the entire Amazon gifting process to purchase as a gift and the receiver end to download the gifted book.

Print Media – We will create a digital and print media kit to send to prospects. We offer custom print bookmarks, sales sheets, media sheets, and media letters. Bookmarks for gifts are sold at an additional cost.

Retail Placement and Packaging – We create retail packaging and market your book to retailers, local and national gift brands, and retail outlets. We will send a print media sheet to local bookstores, caffe’s and other retailers to secure retail placement.

Phone Calls – We make calls when necessary and make pitches for interviews, teaching or speaking opportunities, and promotions.

Email Promotions – We will build your brand database and manage email promotions and campaigns. You will receive one email blast campaign per month on the email platform of your choice. We suggest Constant Contact. We coach you on how to continue your marketing after your package term has ended.

Our service daily continues to help you get honest reader reviews on

Behind-the-scenes creations.

Our professional team of marketers, graphic designers, copywriters and video designers are working to create all collateral needed for brand awareness and book brand growth. These include:

Author Branding

Media Exposure to Targeted Audiences

Content Distribution

Audience Engagement

Speaking Opportunities

Media Panels and Forum Appearances

Media Outreach

Our extensive experience and deep contacts ensure that you and your book will be seen by the right media. Our tailored book campaigns can help you reach:

Blogs, Websites and Podcasts


Traditional Print, Radio, and Television

Social Media

Panels and Forums

Content Creation

We can handle all your writing needs and create the content needed to promote your book or build brand awareness. Working with your book we can create:

Press Materials – Releases, pitch letters


Blog Posts

Social Media Content

One sheets and marketing content

Media Kits

Journalists Sell Sheets

Pitch Sheets

Branded images

We handle all your multi-media creation and distribution

Video Media

Video Trailers

Video Interview style for distribution

Pitch for tV and video media opportunities



“Here’s the bottom line: Shelley used her “secret sauce” to help me reach #1 on and she can do the same for you. I found Shelley’s enthusiasm infectious and her commitment to seeing me reach my goal was inspirational. I was pretty clueless on how to market a book and her knowledge and experience allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. I cannot encourage you enough to work with her.”

Roy Biancalana

“Yes indeed, Working with Shelley was a blast.

She really knows what she’s doing. For an author that wants to hit #1 and do it right, talk to Shelley!”

Michael D. Butler, CEO Beyond Publishing

Michael owns a publishing company. He retained me to et the results for his published authors that he could not achieve.


A personal note from me to you – My life goal was to publish a book like I wrote and reach Top 20 Best Seller. Even for just a day. You made my dream come true. You made it possible to accomplish one of my very important professional, and personal, life goals.

For that I owe you a great big thank you. Now I have the prestigious title: “Best Selling Amazon Author Michael T. Williams.”

Endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soup’ series as well”

That’s pretty sweet- But really, for now what’s important is again –

Thank you for helping me reach one of my life’s greatest goals. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Michael T. Williams, Esq. Williams Securities Law Firm

Since Shelley edited and published my book the media opportunities have been exponential! Just look above at the media opportunities. Still I continue to be fully booked on major media nd travel around the US speaking.

Shelley has the skill and knowledge to take any author to #1 Best-Seller. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this credibility. I never thought I would achieve these results.

Andy Tolbert is the Founder/CEO and Trainer at Safer Agent. Andy in a National Renown real estate agent safety trainer.

Her book interior is beautiful. Look on Amazon.

Shelley is an amazing book publisher/publicist. Her skill in promoting my author brand to become a #1 International Best-Selling Author is amazing.

I have had National news media coverage since the launch of my book.

Thank you, Shelley.

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